Sunday, 26 May 2013

Little Wars 2013 - Pretty Pictures and Random Ramblings.

     Well, Little Wars is over for another year, and the first participation game I've ever run at a convention is also over.

Hrond! This is before the Matt arrived, so I have my two warbands on display along with a few other things.
     Matt and I ended up running Fanticide twice during the day. The first time I played using the Hagwood Witches while Matt assisted my colleague, Justin, who has never played anything in his life, to lead the Puppets. The second time round, part-time HGC member Aaron (of whom more later) led the Puppets against a nice chap named Ross, and won simply on total souls killed while cheerfully ignoring the scenario objectives.
All the players seemed to enjoy the game, and we got positive comments about the ease of play and fun factor.

Matt doesn't like tipping casualties over, so we used milk bottles and jelly beans for corpses. The idea was to eat them when a unit with the Vice of Hunger ate the bodies, but we didn't end up using any units with that vice.

     We also got positive comments about the terrain, and I even met the designer of the Martian Cephalopod figure I use as the Lord of Rapacity who leads my other warband, the Insatiable.

The Hot Hag and Scarecrow Reapers pour down the bridge of Hrond. That Jellybean was a puppet skirmisher. Now it's a toad thanks to the Hag's spells.
     As to the rest of the convention -
     I didn't get to join in any of the other games. There was one I was very interested in, but they folded it for lack of players while we were running our first Fanticide game... Fortunately it was being run by part-time HGC member Aaron and once-in-every-five-years HGC member Jan, so they've decided to bring it down to HGC and run it there.
     What I did manage to get into was a short Pathfinder RPG demo. Unfortunately, Matt had to leave soon to tend to his sick son, so we adopted a very gung-ho, kick in the door style of play which was at odds with the scenario, and our limited abilities as starter players. I was quickly stabbed into unconsciousness while trying to demonstrate the error of his ways to a drunken sailor (I was playing a female cleric as an evangelist extreme fundamentalist missionary...)
    There were rather a lot of games going on, but I didn't take any photos. Likewise there was many a trader, but I had only limited finances, so I didn't go nuts. That and there was nothing much of the bring and buy table that really got my attention. I did buy some empire state troops (to turn into Skaven Slaves!) a Malifaux Crew, the X-Wing Miniatures Game starter box because it looked insanely cool, and the In Her Magesty's Name steampunk skirmish rulebook.

    Oh - and don't got forgetting to vote in the next people's choice poll. Democracy only works when you participate.

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