Monday, 27 May 2013

More on the Ishoo Atey-For poll.

Well, the built in poll widget continues to malfunction, so I've done a bit of research and switched over to another service.
The Blogger forums speak highly of Polldaddy, which I was considering using, however it requires you to set up a Wordpress account to access it.
So I've gone with a site called BlogPolls, which doesn't require an account, but which does give you some very helpful stats if you do create an account.
I might end up trying a few other services before settling down on one, but for the Ishoo Atey-For poll, this is the one I will use.

Of course, this means all of you will now need to vote again...


  1. Any chance of some Super Dungeon Explore stuff? With the Sodapop forums down, I'm hoping MAYBE you've tried your hand at the game? I'm thinking of doing a big table like

  2. I don't have a copy of SDE, and i am not that interested in building terrain for it because i will not use it. I played it once, but it didn't really grab me.


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