Sunday, 16 July 2017

Mek Shop Month: Wot did yoo do in the holidays?

Today's the last day of the school holidays, and also the last day of the first fortnight of Mek Shop Month. What have I done with my holidays? Well, apart from visiting two museums...

This is everything which has been completed so far - the buggy squadron, big mek and oiler, and grot tank squadron.

The larger one at the back is the command tank - there will be a grot peering out of the hatch, but I don't have any spare bodies so I might have to raid an old WFB army or use greenstuff or something. I have some spare WFB gobbo heads. The one next to it has the gun glued in, so unlike the others it can't be rotated.

The buggy squadron - I was worried the one in the front would look odd - it's wider to accomodate the engine and I fitted the widest wheels meaning it's almost square. It looks odd as a chassis, but the body has helped the proportions.

And the Big Mek with his faithful GrotBot. Still without a base.
I plan to start painting the vehicles today. It's very cold here (frost on the ground even) so I want to wait for things to warm up a little before I spray undercoats. It's ages since I've painted a vehicle for wargaming (and that was using my previous painting style), so I've been looking at techniques online to try to get the most out of the models. I am also hoping to get the army's first battle in next weekend. And I should probably name the mek... I've got a name for the Warboss, but not a model for him, so the Mek is in charge, and has no name...

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