Wednesday, 12 July 2017

MFH Sicksteen: GrotBot

And we're back! Last ishoo I was thinking about making a Grot Oiler as either a meky squig or a grot in mega armour. Neither of those happened. Instead, I have built RoboGrot - the finest expression of the Mek Boy'z art! How hard is it to build a robotic grot? Let's ask Grot. (This is getting really confusing... why'd GW have to change the name from Gretchin to Grot in 3rd ed?)

Looks like I forgot to take photos again! Slide the pins into the tubes, and then drill some holes into them to accept the legs (the pins are 2.5mm, the legs are 2mm)

And there you have it Hippo Fans - the little fella's got some tread plate on his base to hide the slot (couldn't find any non-slot bases...) and the big fella still has no base. Alas.

Next up, I think I'll build some more Grot Tanks. These tiny terrors seem to only come in units of four, and I've only built one. Time for a few more, eh? And obviously some instructions on making them too!

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