Sunday, 11 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes 2: Modeling for Hippos Ishoo Six: Skaven Great Pox Rat

One of the exciting things GW added to the 8th edition Skaven army book (apart from the dreaded Hell Pit Abomination of course!) was the ability to mount your warlord. Of course, being GW, they didn't bother to provide a model for any of the options. Which is Eureka Miniatures comes in. Among their various wonderful ranges of wing'ed fez'ed monkeys, samurai rabbits and warrior frogs, they do a great range of medieval mice, who always remind me of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Oh, and some of them ride on giant rats. Well, Nic Robson at Eureka was kind enough to give me a free giant rat last year when I bought a whole bunch of other silly things, and it seemed the perfect mount for Warlord Skeek Skitterklaw! How hard is it to convert a Skaven Warlord on Great Pox Rat?
Well... Grot's been kidnapped by Stormvermin, so I guess Skveek the Skaven will have to explain...
For this project you'll need:
  • A Eureka Miniatures rat. Preferably the cute begging one like I have.
  • Skreet Verminkin (the warlord from Island of Blood)
  • A few Storm Vermin shields and arms.
  • A pair of Goblin Wolf Rider legs.
  • Jeweller's chain.
  • Green stuff.

Note: I pulled the arm off again later because it made sculpting the chain mail easier. Such is the benefit of hindsight...

The marble block was bought from an op-shop, and has proved invaluable for rolling out green stuff. It's meant for chopping things or some other sinister chef-ly use.

Note: Skveek is confused here - he should be saying "next line push-push DOWN." The idea is for every new hole to deform the one above, and for each line to go in the opposite direction to it's neighbour.

 And there you go! A mighty mount fit for a mighty rat-man! I will be painting Skveek Skitterklaw here, and the Warp Fire Thrower tommorow - and that'll be my complete 1000 points force done.

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