Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes 2: The Rat Tank

I collected my winnings from the melbourne cup sweep today, a princly $32! So i went to the gw site to see what is out there for skaven. Not that i would ever buy from there, the prices are insane. Anyway, nothing much caught my eye, so i started thinking about scratchbuilding warplightning cannons. Then i found this. The 1st Ratzwr Division. And that sort of settled it.
I will buy a cheap light tank kit, and make a rat tank. It will either be used as a warp lightning cannon or a second doom wheel (i already have one doom wheel kit in the benite payment horde). I plan to make the pilgrimage tothe melbourne hobby shops this weekend. It is possible that scratch bashing a skaven tank will slow me down and prevent the completion of 2500 points in a month. But come on! Skaven tank! Plus my opponents might feel better about my insane painting speed if i slow down a little..
Anyway, watch out for future rat tank developments right here!


  1. That sounds awesome! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
    However, I don't look forward to playing against it. You should just cannibalise the GW tank and make one ├╝ber wheel/tank!

    1. Rubbish! I won $32 and I will damn well spend it on something! From GW I could buy... half a track assembly or something for that.


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