Saturday, 8 December 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes 2: DuelCon 2012 (now with pictures!)

Duelling Paintbrushes 2 is now completely and totally over. Today we ran DuelCon 2012 - the fabled Duelling Paintbrushes mini tournament - possibly the most over organised three-player tournament in the history of the world. Now that it's over, the player pack can be revealed. Of course, Drew already revealed the player pack. Gah.

  •  DUELCON 2012 is a 1000 point Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament, open to absolutely anyone, provided they are Greg Johnson, Drew McLean or Owen Top.
  •  There are no restrictions on armies used except that the armies MUST have been painted as part of Dueling Paintbrushes 2: Mexican Paintoff.
  •  Massive comp hits will be placed on anyone who takes a Hell Pit Abomination, Hydra or Kharne the Betrayer.
  •  There is a 150 point upgrade allowance available to players who did not include upgrades in their DP2 lists.
  • There is no grudge round. There is no grudge thrower either.
The 150 point upgrade bonus was included on Drew's insistence because he did not include any upgrades in his force. This meant Greg struggled to make the 1150 points now required, and had to over dose on magic levels. It also meant I took the doom wheel. And it meant little to Drew because when he totalled his points up he found he'd painted over 1000 points anyway.

But enough of this waffle!
On to the results!

GAME ONE: Drew (Orcs-wot-fink-dey-iz-wood-elves) vs. Greg (Stirland Empire) TABLE: One.
RESULT: Resounding victory to Greg.

GAME TWO: Drew (Orcs-wot-fink-dey-iz-wood-elves) vs. Owen (Clan Skitterclaw Skaven) TABLE: One.
RESULT: Resounding victory to Drew.

GAME THREE: Owen (Clan Skitterclaw Skaven) vs. Greg (Stirland Empire) TABLE: One.
RESULT: Resounding victory to Greg.

Greg: 2
Drew: 1
Owen: 0

Greg has posted numberless pictures shortly, and some sort of tournament report. He's better at that sort of thing than I am (he remembers what he rolled - I don't).

Oh - it should be mentioned that Matt Strange won the 40K section of DuelCon 2012 by default, being the only DP2 contestant to finish a 40K army. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to hear this since he spent the day playing Magic: The Gathering and didn't even bring his 40K army along.


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