Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ishoo Sixty-Six: Khador Townhouses

Here we are again, this time looking at some Khador townhouses. Pete (the guy who won the TFH Compometition) decided to commision me to make some Khador buildings for Warmachine. It seemed like a good opportunity to show you how a few little tweaks can change the genre on a building completely. What we have here is basically the fantasy.medieval townhouses from ishoos wun and too (old skool!), but donw in the Steampunk style.
Well, Grot still seems to be in Hell Pit, so I guess Skveek'll have to explain...

 There you go! Basically the same dimensions and proportions, but with a different decorative style gives two very different flavours of building!
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  1. Great models, love the use of the steam train - inspired!


  2. fantastic. they look really great


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