Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ishoo Sixty-Sven: Hel Fenn

The nefarious Greg has hurled his gauntlet floor wards by deciding to hold the long awaited Battle of Hel Fenn on December 30th at the House of Hoen, and demanding that new swamps be made, fitting for the temperate climate of the historical location. So we're tackling swamps again, but from a different direction. And en mass. In fact, the complete Hel Fenn swamp set will include seven swamps of various sizes. Macabre swamps.
Take it away, Skelegrot!

 Well, there you are - a whole fen worth of sinister swamplands...
Incidentally, if you are wondering why some of the folliage was painted brown, that was an attempt at making jelly fungus. I'll have to do some more experimentation on that one I think.
And if you've been wondering why you should be long-awaiting the long awaited Hel Fenn game despite never hearing about it...
Well... remember the long awaited 30,000 point Kislev bash? This is the 20,000 point practice game. So obviously you should be excited.
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  1. Yes! Yes! Be excited!

    Skelegrot has done good work here. Look forward to making use of it...