Wednesday, 2 January 2013

SP&VSF Month: Modelling For Hippos Ishoo Ate: Galvanic Riflemen

What up doge (little known fact - this is the correct form of address for the ruler of Venice) and welcome to another instalment of SP&VSF Month! This time it's something which actually is really SP&VSF, not just some hapless natives to use as target practice. That's right, it's Galvanic Riflemen! Armed with the powerful Crumhorn & Smedley Mk.I Galvanic Rifle, these are the elite of the British army. And how hard are they to build you ask? Well, here's a list of what you'll need...
  • Eureka Miniatures British Soldier body (not sure exactly what these are called - they're from the Pax Limpopo range. I found the ones with convex impressions on the ends of their arms had the best posing, the ones with pins on the wrists took much more bending. If you get onto the Eureka boys, they'll be able to sort you out!)
  • Eureka Miniatures Space Cat Girl guns
  • Plastic tube
  • Bass Guitar string (the thinnest ones)
  • Thumb tacks
  • A little putty
  • Super glue
And how do these combine to make a Galvanic Rifleman?
I'm glad you asked.

Part two: Painting.

To paint your Galvanic Riflemen, you'll need the following Vallejo paints:
  • Black
  • Scarlett Red
  • Imperial Blue
  • Dwarf Skin
  • Shadow Grey (Citadel)
  • Blood Red (Citadel)
  • Bonewhite
  • Gunmetal Metal
  • Bright Bronze
  • Magic Blue
  • Parasite Brown
  • Desert Yellow
  • Charred Brown
  • Black Wash
  • Skin Ink
  • Fleshtone Wash

 So there you have it! The pride of the British Army all ready to bring civilisation to the heart of the dark continent, or defend dear old blighty from the machinations of the dreaded Hun! And they're not going to be doing it alone, because our next installment will involve scratch building a Crumhorn & Smedley 'Terrier' class light landship! God Save the Queen!

I still don't have a rule set to use these chaps with. I'm thinking of using the royalties earned from Martian Zombies to buy 'We Can Be Heroes II,' but not enough people are buying Martian Zombies to enable me to do that!


  1. Try Dystopian Legions (28mm game set in the Dystopin Wars world).

    I'm a bit nervous about the pointy ends of those guns!

    1. Dyslegions offers a completely created world with existing troops etc. It doesn't allow for the kind of inventive mania I am after. I'd have to constantly be telling people what things count as instead of simply being able to create rules which actually fit the things I want to build.

      Also, I filed the pins down.

  2. Valor and Steel and Flesh from Parroom Studios is a rather good ruleset that i use for steampunk gaming, it encourages the creation of units, wacky gadgets etc. It also includes several neat Martian factions, lovecraftian creatures, and land of the lost esque elements (including king kong...which is horrifying) of course GASLIGHT is always good if you're looking for a more skirmish oriented battlefield. On the other note. Rocking good conversion/paint job there sah!

  3. A couple of pieces off the end of a small tube glued to the helmets could be painted to look like goggles.

  4. Brilliant conversions. I am afraid I will have to steal the thumb tack idea.

    1. But of course. I would not be publishing if I didn't want people to use my ideas!


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