Friday, 25 January 2013

SP/VSF Month: Ishoo Sventy-Too: Airship Docking Tower

Here we are at last with Ishoo Sventy-Too! This was going to go up last night, but an important plug on my phone line decided to die...
One of the great Steam Punk and Victorian Sci Fi images is the airship in it's various forms. What with all those dirigibles, zeppelins and aeronefs whizzing about, it's vitally important to have somewhere for them to dock. Which is where docking towers come in handy! And here to demonstrate the cunning construction methods of just such a tower is Sir G. E. Bag VC of the Royal Lighter-Than-Air Corps!

One of these days I will manage to get a decent pic... you can just see the holes on the back in this pic, but you cannot see the matching bumps on the front. Sigh.

 And there you are! You may be wondering how the Airship docks... Well, it's nose nestles inside the cup on top, which can swing around with the wind. This is not how real airship docks work, but it looks much more steampunk this way. As to the airship... well that's in the works as well.
Stay tuned next ishoo when we tackle some snow-bound steampunk bunkers!

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