Sunday, 9 October 2011

15mm Fortnight: Alien and AI figure showcase

As promised, here are some higher quality pics of the Space Pirates, along with some of the drone and mech units for the Ghost Legion.

First up, here are the space pirates we painted up in PFH Ishoo Too. They are lead by the fearsome Zorn Deathfist, in his mighty suit of powered armour (a GZG Cyclops actually), and will eventually be accompanied by a squad of huge brutes (Eureka 18mm armoured trolls) and transported in a range of improvised drop ships built from toy cars.

Here are the Ghost Legion's AI controlled units; a pair of Mobile Autonomous Cannon and six spider droids, all from GZG. There are also some GZG Micro Grav drones in the works.
This is how I'm indicating the spider droid shields: disposable plastic shot glasses. Each pack only has five of any given colour, but I do have a second pack (I'm just not sure where...)


  1. I do like the shields! And the label "Pretty Pictures" is the best :)

  2. Where did you get the ork's in 15mm from?

  3. Those are not orks, although they look a bit like them. They are 15mm Alien Mercs (sets 1 and 2) from Ground Zero Games in the UK. You can order them from their webstore.


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