Saturday, 22 October 2011

Duelling Paintbrushes: The end is nigh.

Well, duelling paintbrushes is almost over, and all I've done since the last post is half finish five more nurgle marauders. There is a very good reason for this.
On Wednesday, I entered the hallowed portals of the Alfred Hospital to have surgery performed on my notoriously dodgey sinuses and nasal system in general. On thursday I sat in a hospital bed all day waiting for the bleeding to stop (it's very hard to stop nasal bleeding - you can't exactly bandage the inside of your nose). On friday I was discharged and got back to my parents' place. I had a shot at painting, but the cocktail of pain killers, antibiotics and the inability to breath through a nose still full of blood and splints made it hard. I couldn't paint for long periods - I kept feeling dizzy and having difficulty focusing.
Which is why I have NOT painted twice as much as Greg yet. But I do intend to have another shot today, and I hope to get some Khorne characters completed.


  1. Whilst I am not sorry that your humiliation of me has been slowed, I still hope you improve soon.

  2. Oh I think you may find the lull temporary. I am better today, my nose is intermittently functional (only in one nostril) and I have painted up five more Nurgle marauders and a Khorne Marauder hero this afternoon - despite watching about three hours of Top Gear and reading for various other hours. Photos soon.


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