Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Annual Terrain Compometition: A Winner Is You!

Results for the annual terrain compometition are now in!

Juniors: James Ellis.
James is one of my students, and built a small watch tower over two lunchtimes. He doesn't have internet access at home, so he gave me the model to photograph (hence the 15mm projects in the background!).
James has used a thick cardboard tube, foamcore base, and thin cardboard for tiles and stone work. The whole thing was a bit of a rush project, so hopefully he'll improve in future!

Seniors: Terry Mason.
Here's Terry's own description of his project:

"Here's a trio of Trollkin huts for warmachine made using techniques learned from your site. I was very enthused by the appearance of the towel as roofing, but overall I think I could have done better with the paint jobs. I used blue foam from local company Foamex, balsa wood for the doors (scored for the 'board' effect, and with balsa cross beams), and PVA glued towelling for the roof over a cardboard cone."

Terry is a very cunning man - he used a Warmachine area of effect template as a template for cutting out the three layers of blue foam used in the project.
Well done Terry and James! You've both won the fabulous and shiny prizes outlined in the rules! And remember Hippo fans, next year it could be you!

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