Monday, 3 October 2011

15mm Fortnight: Modelling For Hippos Ishoo Free: 15mm Trucks

When I first posted some pics of my scratchbuilt 15mm trucks on various forums, a lot of people were amazed that I'd even consider scratchbuilding at that size. But sometimes you just have to scratchbuild to get the look you want, and really, it's not very hard! I will admit that this is a harder project than the 15mm shuttle we tackled last week, but it's not that much harder - in fact most of the increased difficulty comes from working on much smaller components.

I must apologise in advance for the quality of the photos - I left my camera at my parents' place by accident, so I had to use my old video camera's still mode, and it kept trying to die...

Anyway, here's Grot to take you through the basics of 15mm truck building!

And there you have it! It might be a touch fiddly to manipulate the small components, but it's really not very hard at all! Tommorow I'll post pics of the painted truck along with another I build using mostly the same components, but with a slightly different layout and finish.
Meanwhile, here are the plans:


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