Saturday, 8 October 2011

15mm Fortnight: Human Figure Showcase

Now that I have my good camera back, it seemed a fine opportunity to take some better photos of the various painting projects involved in 15mm Fortnight, as well as some others which might help to inspire.
Today we'll look at the human faction figures I have painted, tommorow we'll look at the parts of my Space Pirates which are painted so far (they won't be based until tomorrow!)

First up, here are the stalwart men of the Radium Falls Militia; hard working colonists during time of peace, but ready to take up arms (any arms!) to defend their homes. Each member supplies his or her own equipment, so they are a fairly eclectic mix of various GZG ranges. They also make use of improvised transport, usually what ever trucks are involved in their day jobs!

Next are the Radium Falls Mining Co. Security Team. The RFMC owns Radium Falls, and is responsible for it's security. They employ a small force of professionals, and also provide the command structure and leadership for the militia in time of crisis. At present the force is fairly small, but they have a few new toys on the way. The models are Eureka Ventaurans.
Finally, the really serious boys, the Ghost Legion Mercenary Free Company. These are professional soldiers of fortune employed by the RFMC. They have better training and equipment, and the shiniest toys. The models are Critical Mass ARC fleet (it's the GruntZ starter army for that faction actually) along with a squad of GZG power amrmour. They've actually got some more toys on the bench, but they are not quite done yet - they will probably appear in tomorrow's update.
All of the figures seen here have been painted with a mix of Citadel, Tamiya and Vallejo paints, using the techniques shown in both of the Painting For Hippos ishoos featured in 15mm Fortnight.

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