Sunday, 23 October 2011

Duelling Paintbrushes: The end.

October 23rd, the last day. Duelling Paintbrushes are laid down, the banjo music fades, and it's time to survey what has been done...
Well, most of it. I am staying with my parents while my sinuses recover from surgery, and I left the marauder unit and marauder horsemen unit behind. I also didn't bring sand or my camera, so bases are not finished, and I had to use my mother's camera. This is a strange experience - she has what is effectively my camera, but five years newer. It's superficially the same, but does almost everything differently and takes some getting used to. I cannot get decent photos out of it the way I can get them out of mine.
Anyway, I have now completed ten Nurgle marauders. These guys were converted from Flagalents back when the plastic ones first came out, and oyu cpuld (briefly) order them in a sensible box of twenty, rather than the traditional GW over priced box of ten. They are now painted. The other half of the regiment was half painted already, but I have not yet gone back to finish them off.

I have also painted my Jugger lord ay last, along with a Berserker champion from Reaper, who I intend to use as a hero in marauder units. Because he is very, very shouty.
I'll get better photos of everything involved in Duelling Paintbrushes when I get home next week.

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