Sunday, 30 September 2018

Pretty pictures: The Morkanaut.

Zoggin' 'eck! The Morkanaut's done! I finally sat down and put the finishing touches to the paintjob at The Hoodling's Hole on Friday. And it was good. And there are pictures.
Also a video on the way.
This is a 100% scratch built project, involving no kit parts (with the exception of the gunner who is not installed at the moment) which has been going off and on since January. I started with a few rough sketches and a pile of plasticard, and ended up with this. It's build from .5mm and 1mm plasticard, various textured plasticards, and a bunch of rods and tubes. There are also some PVC parts, MDF and pingpong balls involved.

Behold it's profound might!
Grr! Grr I say!
The Morkanaut did not skip leg day.

The Morkanaut never skips leg day.

Behold the mighty mega kannon thing!

Gasp in wonder at the Kustom Force Field Generators!

Snicker at the placement of the hatch!

Laugh at the dead Space Marine - the best kind of Space Marine!

Shudder in horror at the mighty jaw!

Gasp in wonder at the OTHER side of the gun!

Quiver in startlement at the foot!

Suffer in your jocks at the sight of the other foot!

Exclaim in shock at the scale comparison with a boy!

Watch in astonishment as pictures move before your very eyes!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Modelling For Hippos Ishoo Twenty-Fiv: Black Reach nobs Mega Armour conversion

Welcome back Hippo Fans!
This year at Cancon I bought a huge mixed bag of orky stuff. Then mad Juzzy the Flutist gave me his orky stuff. And then I counted the number of nobs I had and found it to be well over twenty, so I figured it would be a good idea to base some Mega Nob conversions on all the spare Black Reach nobs I've ended up with. It's not hard to upgrade black reach nobs to mega nobs - here's Grot to show you how!

And there you have it Hippo Fans! It's not that hard to make yourself a meganob, and the results are well worth it. For your convenience, here are the rough dimensions for the torso armour - you may need to modify these a bit to suit - all four of my meganobs use slightly different shapes and sizes.
And for your further viewing pleasure, why not check out the video showcase of the first three Meganobs?

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Videos for Hippos: Black Reach Meganobs

Since Sunday I've been working on converting some of the almost infinite number of Black Reach nobs I bought at Cancon into something else. Something... big. You could almost say... mega.
Here's a video of the result:

Be sure to check back soon for the fabled MFH in which I explain how to do this sort of thing.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Videos for Hippos: Blingboss Nazgob Snaggatoof

Greetings oh fans of the hippo! Behold the latest fruits of my madness; Blingboss Nazgob Snaggatoof; a warboss so wealthy he doesn't have to walk anymore. Of course, as an ork he still wishes to wander about hitting things very hard, and for this very reason he has had the meks build him Da Mekky Throne...

Stand by for further updates and other madness - I am working on converting a bunch of Black Reach nobs into meganobs. And there will actually be a new tutorial article up soon. I promise.