Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Ishoo Ninty-Nin Bee: Pretty Pictures of Trollkin Huts

Yesterday, being between projects and at a loose end, I decided to quickly knock together a few more Trollblood pieces. So here they are in company with the hut from Ishoo Ninty-Nin.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Ishoo Ninty-Nin: Trollkin Huts

Here it is dear reader, voted into existence by you, and based on techniques displayed by Mr. Terry Mason, winner of the 2011 Annual Terrain Compometition: TROLLKIN HUTS! Yes, it's been a long time coming, but this has been fermenting on the back of my mind ever since that fateful day when Terry won the contest (incidentally, the fateful day when YOU win the contest could be just around the corner - this year's contest ends in a mere three days!).
But, I hear you cry, how hard is it to make a Trollkin Hut? I sometimes wonder why you always ask that question, surely you know the answer by now? It's so easy even a hippo could make it!
Cue Grot!

And there you have it dear reader! It is a simple matter to throw together a whole kriel of these huts over a weeekend and give your Trollkin something to defend.
And what does the future hold? Well, our next ishoo is Ishoo Wun-Hundred, and it'll take a while to get here because:
a: Duelling Paintburshes 5: Duel of Kings will get in the way.
b: Commissions may also get in the way.
c: It's zogging epic.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Duel of Kings: The Contestants.

Duelling Paintbrushes 5: Duel of Kings is almost upon us. Time for a list of participants!

Owen the Hippo: Dwarves.
Greg the Hooded: Rather Manly Kingdoms.
Chris the New South Welshman: Extremely Manly Kingdoms.
Drew the Punster: Abyssal Dwarves.
Nick the Ginger: Salamanders
Matt the Hoarder: Abyssal Dwarves

Interested in adding your own name to this noble list? Check out the details of the event here.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

TFH Freebie: Mordheim Posters

I'm working on Mordheim commission at the moment, and while waiting for glue to dry, I have been making some posters to stick on the walls of the buildings. So I thought it might be an idea to share some of the posters. Adding this sort of thing really brings an urban setting to life - I always employ shop signs as well as posters when I'm making something urban.
These posters are 180dpi for better print quality without excessive file size. I always use Inkscape to design them, often with the help of a good google image search for woodcuts and other medieval imagery.
And while we're here, let me take this opportunity to remind you to enter the TFH annual Terrain Compometition, which ends in a mere ten days! And what can you make in a mere ten days, I hear you cry? Well, why not have a mosey through the blog and find some ideas.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

TFH Annual Terrain Compometition deadline approaches!

The deadline for the TFH Annual Terrain Compometition is almost upon us! All entries must be in by midnight, September 30th Melbourne Time (GMT+10).
There have been some nifty things submitted so far, but there is still the chance that you could out-nift them!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Ishoo Ninty-Ate: Italian Village House

It often seems like all fantasy wargames take place in Northern Europe, what with Warhammer's Empire and Bretonnia being set there, but there's really no reason Souther Europe shouldn't get a look in. Italy is popular with WW2 gamers, and played host to a whole lot of fascinating medieval happenings (and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - which would make an awesome Mordhiem campaign!), and fortunately for all concerned, making an italian style house is so easy even a hippo could do it! Cue Grot!

And there you have it hippo fans! You can quite easily modernise this for WW2 or modern scenarios by adding some signs and posters to the outside, and maybe some down-pipes and guttering.
Come back next ishoo to witness the greatness of Trollkin Huts, and don't forget to enter the TFH Annual Terraing Compometition which ends in less than a month!