Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ishoo Seven: Dice Towers

I have a freind who, although a skilled and experienced wargamer often loses games due to incredibly bad luck with dice. This is a man capable of rolling a 1 on a 2D6. In an attempt to take as much of him out of the dice rolling process as possible, I built him a dice tower; a device which rolls your dice for you, and generally comes up with a more random result than you can.
Here's how you can build your own dice tower.
Take it away, Grot!

I've also been thinking about designs for SciFi dice towers and even more ornate versions, so this is by no means the last we'll hear of them.

THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! The vote for our People's Choice Ishoo (Ishoo Ate for those who dwell beneath rocks) has overwhelmingly come in as 'Rivers and Bridges', so I'll be off to get my fishing waders out. See you then!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Ishoo Six: Tiny Tuna Towers

In this Ishoo, we'll be looking at making some simple Sci Fi buildings from food packaging. Because the stuff we're using is fairly small, we'll be making the building in 15mm scale (although you could use them in 28mm scale as some sort of industrial thingee, but they are to small to contain more than one or two warriors in 28mm)
Take it away Grot!

Sorry Grot, the only 15mm scale figures I have painted are celts...

Stay tuned for Ishoo Seven when we'll talk about those vital gaming accessories, cuboid randomizers!
Until then, don't forget to vote on our next reader's choice ishoo using the poll at the top of the page!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ishoo Fiv: Giant Mushrooms

In this Ishoo, we'll take a look at making giant mushrooms, which as we all know are the source of all the Night Goblin race's (limited) power. Plus they make good homes for Gnomes.
Take it away Grot!

These would look even better with some grass on the base, but I seem to have managed to run out... sigh.

Next Ishoo we'll be looking at small scale SciFi buildings, and don't forget to vote fro what you want to see in our next Reader's Choice Ishoo!