Saturday, 24 November 2018

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: New Buggies

Well, the codex has arrived at last (seriously, who renames a whole month after the codex and then releases it three days after the end of that month?) bringing with it some new toys for the orks. I'm a bit miffed that things like Warbosses in Mega Armour are now relegated to index only status, but can GW make up for it with new toys?
Yes and no. While I relish the opportunity to build new things, I think GW's offical models are over priced and I don't really like the fact that they completely lack customisation options. I also think some of them feel like they were designed with Speed Freaks in mind first and 40K second - they have rules that feel right in a racing game, but don't sit well in a battle game.
But my biggest gripe lies with the Megatrakk Scrapjet (no strike that - I biggest gripe is with the terrible names which I can never remember...). GW have made some big mistakes on the model:

  • Orks would never take a jet engined vehicle and then use the jet to drive the wheels instead of generating thrust
  • If it was thrust based, tracks would make no sense because they don't free-wheel
So I decided to have a go at fixing all of this, and save a flipping great wodge of cash by scratch building one. (Non Australian readers note - the Scrapjet and all the other machines cost $77 here, while in the UK they cost 27 pounds. 27 pounds is roughly speaking $50 in Australia...)

Anyway, enough bitter waffling, time for pics! There will be a video soon when I have also completed a Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy (a name even odder than the Scrapjet since it means the vehicle is both a truck and a buggy...)
Behold it's mighty body, wrought from a Target Fighta (actually, I have three of these now - two I bought from Target last year at $14ea, and one I found at an op shop for a few bucks a few months ago - this is the op shop one)

Mighty wheels are from an op shop monster truck. And I just noticed that the rear axel is a bit out of alignment so the right rear wheel is cocked in the air... I swear this was okay when I glued it all together... sigh...

The mighty jet intake is made from plasticard wedges glued to a large washer to get the shape right. The drill bit is the tip of a pen with plastic strip spiraled round it and a whole bunch of little teeth things.

The rokkit cannon. It's hard to make it obviously rokkit-y, so I added a belt feed of rokkits.

The mighty jet exhaust is, as always, a hose clamp. I love those things. Note that I have built the vehicle the way any Ork mek would - THRUST POWERED! Okay, so the rules say it's one of the slower buggies, but that's just because it's so heavy. Clearly.

The turret is half a kinder surprise egg. I added green stuff welds to fill the gaps.

The driver is just a normal boy. I was going to give him goggles, but I could not find my spare Stormboy bits. Oh well.
Come back soon for the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy (it's probably 50% complete...) and video of them both!