Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Modelling For Hippos Ishoo Eleven: Steel Behemoth.

Hail and well met, hippo fans! At long last a new instalment of bloggery is here! I've been somewhat busy with things like cat maintenance, commissions, the Quarrelsome Quokka, reports and things, so it's been a while, but here it is at last!
Since the death of Warhammer, I've been converting over to Kings of War. One of the cool things Dwarves can get in KoW is the Steel Behemoth - which seems to be some sort of steamtank. (Is it just me, or is it weird that in WFB, the Dwarves taught the Empire engineering, are still regarded as being better at it, AND have gyrocopters, yet the Empire has the steamtanks??) There is no official model, but the rules are so awesome I knew I needed one. I was dropping GeekFest brochures in at Eureka Miniatures on Friday, and it seemed a good idea to see if they had any tank-y bits. Armed with some very cool track units from a Hardlove Steam Charger (among other things which will come into play in the fullness of time) I set out to build some sort of Steel Behemoth.

You will need:
Hardlove Steam Charger track units (from Eureka - I'm sure they'll sell just the tracks to you if you email them)
Citadel Dwarf Cannon/Organ gun sprue
Plastic tube
Plastic rod

And here is Grot to demonstrate how these disperate elements go together to make a mighty masterpiece of Dwarven engineering!

And there you have it Hippo Fans!
I'm planning to use the barrels from some Orc Shootas for smoke stacks, but I've only got one on hand, and cannot get more until I visit my esteemed flute-riddled opponent this evening. I'm planning to put some Dwarf musician horn end dragon head things on top of them, and run them un the front fenders. I've also left the crew and roof seperate so I can paint the crew, then install the crew and roof after I paint the rest of the thing. I'd also like to make a second Steel Behemoth, but for that one I'm planning of having the tracks in front and the wheels behind, so it'll look very different. I'm also out of Dwarf cannon sprues, so it might be a while before I make it.
This Steel Behemoth will most likely be making it's debut at the infamous HGC New Years Huge Game (this year in KoW!).
Until next time Hippo Fans.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Duelling Paintbrushes 5: Pretty Pictures of Forgedottir's Khazalid Khontingent

Centuries ago when Clan Ironfoundersenn first found a ready market for their fine Dwarven ale amongst the peoples of the Empire, some of them took to living above ground in the open air. Although considered mad by their right-thinking, underground-dwelling bretheren, this was seen as an important sacrifice that had to be made. After all, someone had to tend the hops and barley, and trusting humans was out of the question. These aboveground dwelling dwarves were lead by the redoubtable Thorek Ironfoundersenn, a brewmeister of great renown and skill. It was his daughter, Sigrid Forgedottir (the male line take the name 'Ironfoundersenn', after Grun Ironfounder, who founded the clan, the females of the family take the name 'Forgedottir' after his wife, Sigur the Forge-Maiden) who first encountered a breed of very red-faced humans who wore smocks and had straws in their hair. These strange men, who were incapable of pronouncing the letters 'c' or 's' introduced her to such strange wonders as 'Zider' and 'Zcrumble'. Naturally awed by the incredible alcoholic powers of these outlandish brews, Sigrid brought them to the attention of her venerable sire. Dwarves are naturally suspicious of trees and anything which comes from them, so there was some resistance, but eventually it was agreed that Sigrid could start her own cider press and distribute Forgedottir Cider alongside Ironfoundersenn's Unbeatable Ale. Taking up the colour green as a tribute to the orchards where the apples grew, Sigrid founded her own settlement, centered around the great presses and fermentation vats, and began production. While Cider is not popular with Dwarves, there are those among the younger set, who like to shave their beards, and listen to bards no one has heard of, who like it.
Like all members of Clan Ironfoundersenn, the cider markers of Forgedottir's Khazalid Khontingent are ever ready to take up arms in defence of their beloved lands, or to march forth to escort shipments of their highly prized products to the far flung corners of the empire.*

Behold the full might of Forgedottir's Khazalid Khontingent!

Beserker Brockriders of the moubnted arm of the Khazalid Temperence Society, who, dwelling above ground and having sworn off alcohol, have found that they move too slowly to fully vent their rage upon terrible great beasts. Hence their decision to ride terrible great beasts.

Although there are two troops pictured here, they will most often be used as a regiment.

Stout and stalwart ancients who grumble about cider being better in their day, and really don't get what the kids are talking about.

Sigrid Forgedottir leads her personal Ironclad horde, complete with cider wagon and dogpedo.

Behold the arrogance of the Dogpedo! This is the face of a dog who knows he will soon bound o'er the field and gore some vile villain, and is confidently sure that his steam-enhanced hind quarters and he are up to the task. Note also converted ancient alpenhornist.

Forgedottir's Hammer, potent and mighty work of dwaren engineering.

The BSB maintains a connection with Ironfoundersenn's brewery by displaying the ancestral crest and motto, and inclding the characteristic red colouring of the main clan.

Ah, apple brandy, most potently flamable of all Dwarven liquids...

And finally, the sharpshooters in all their converted glory.

And that's it for DP5: I completed my targets (and started in on another ten Riflemen, but had to go to PAX so was unable to complete them in time) and my Dwarven army is now a suitable size for use in KoW. Although it does need some more things - most units are only at Regiment size, not horde, and I want more elementals and a Steel Behemoth.

*Which are still there. No matter what Age of Sigmar says, the Old World is, and always will be, still there.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Duelling Paintbrushes 5: Work complete.

There are those amongst you who have doubted me. And to those people I say 'bah!' and 'fie!' You are wrong to doubt my endurance speed painting prowess simply because I choose to work at a more leisurely speed and not update so often. And as proof of your foolishness, and your almost certain weedy git status, here are pics of those portions of my duel which were not competed in the last photo. I fear you shall have to wait unto Monday to see it all arrayed together as I am in fair Melbourne Town preparing to go unto PAX and teach speed painting and terrain techniques to the masses, and have not brought with me that which was already complete. These photographs, originating as they do from my powerful mobile telephonic communication engine, lack somewhat for the quality of lighting. Superior photos will be deployed on Monday.

Hark! A Troop of Shield Breakers (those nice old GW metal Long Beards from around 2000, before they fell to the foolishness of having the SAME SIZE BEARD AS A CLANSMAN [grrr!]) I have attempted to suggest crippling nicotine addiction by the tint of their beards.

Helgar Forgedottir and the last parts of her horde to be based. Note the converted standard bearer made from a 5th ed. plastic champiuon torso and 7th ed. plastic legs. Also the rather obscured form of the Dogpedo.

Tremble mortals before the mounted arm of the Khazalid Temperance Society, driven mad by a lack of alcohol.

Lo! Sharpshooters do appear. These are wrought of a mix of GW and Harlequin models with mighty barrels added and shields brought into being from random and varied junk. Also halberd bayonets.

Fear the might of Forgedottir's Hammer! Fear him indeed! (Note that the base is not quite finished, but I was impatient to post - I will finish it post haste after the post is posted)
And there, hippo fans and weedy doubting gits alike, you have it!
What is more, last night while infesting Gregtopia, I started to paint up another troop of riflemen. Thos would get finished today, except that I am volunteering at yonder PAX AUS and have some sort of sinister family gathering to attend after that. Doubt not my powers mortals!
Also look out for some sort of TFH update on Cupday, which I plan to spend as all right thinking men spend cupday, making undead terrain. Oh yes.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Duelling Paintbrushes 5: The end is in sight.

Long have I left my blog lay idle. Long have men clamoured for updates on the Duel of Kings. Long have grown the beards of my Dwarves as they wait...
And the wait is over! Aye, at last an update on DP5: Duel of Kings!
Astute readers may have noticed the duel counter slowly ticking over as I 'complete' things (although I've been marking things as done before I finish the bases - I like to leave them to last and do them all at once). I can now reveal that:

  • All 40 of the Ironclad horde are painted, and most are based (this includes a Throwing Mastiff marker and a unit filling cider wagon)
  • All 10 Berzerkers are painted, but not based.
  • The flame cannon is completely complete.
  • All 10 Shield Breakers are painted, but not based.
  • The King has become an Army Standard when I realised that I had one converted but had never painted it. Also because I wanted to use the Queen Helgar model as the champion in my Ironclad to save on buying a command group on eBay.
  • The 5 Sharpshooters have been converted and are mostly painted.
  • The Earth Elemental has been built, but no further. Also, I think he'll be demoted to a plain old earth elemental, he's not really big enough for a greater version.
I'll post some good pics when all is complete. For now, here are some in progress pics from my phone.

Forgdottir's Hammer (front view) Made from a Dreadball Iron Ancestor with various additions.

Note the might smoke stack which lurks unseen in the upper image.

The complete cohort arrayed for inspection.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Annual Terrain Compometition 2015: Results.

The wait is over at last! The compometition results are here!
The thick red velvet curtains part with a gentle sigh and the exertions of a gang of sweating stage hands. The lights slowly rise on the following scene...

Congratulations Mike and Riley! Your prizes will be on their way shortly!
And to those of you who missed out... there's always next year.