Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ishoo Firty-Free: Steampunk Watch Tower

Long, long ago in the mists of time, I spent many a happy hour playing Warcraft III. And as a result, I hatched a plan to build an Empire tower based on the Alliance watch tower design. So I started to collect 1 Litre ice cream tubs. I even had a name for the tower, and a scenario based around it, but sadly, Fort Trollengerschpanken was never built.
Then I got enthusiastic about it again just recently. Thing is, HGC doesn't really need more Warhammer terrain, so I decided to build a Warmachine watch tower, and changed the name to Fort Trollkingerschteamen.
Anyway, the newly re-christened watch tower is a visually arresting building, perfect for an objective or centrepiece. And as you may have guessed from the pattern emerging in previous ishoos, it is so easy even a hippo could do it! And fortunately Grot's gotten over the chicken suit fiasco since I bribed him with a set of steam driven power armour, so he can show you just how easy it is! Take it away Grot!

Note: The cog here comes from the inside of one of those handy dandy asthma inhalers, I'm sure something similar could be found elsewhere.

And there you have it hippo fans! Of course, you could easily turn this basic design into a fantasy tower by removing the crane, pipes and chimneys, and replacing the metal shutters with either wooden shutters or diamond pane glass.


  1. Love It, Love it! Particularly the finding gear which looks really effective. Struggling to see how I'm going to squeeze one into the Crimea project that I'm working on but sure I'll come up with something to enter in the competition. All the best, Michael.

  2. Heya, I was reading this one and wondering if you marked out dimensions for the top floor building or you just sort of winged it. I'd like to try this one, but with more of a wizard's tower rather than the steampunky style.

    1. I would've marked out dimensions for this at the time, but I have no idea what they were now.

    2. Yeah i guessed as much. Hmm, I guess i'll just take my best guess once i go pick up some foam core and a bucket of ice cream.

      Hey, do you use the foam core that is softish plastic on both sides? Or the one from places like office works where one side is a stronger harder plastic?

    3. I use the stuff from craft stores which has paper on both sides. It's news to me that any other sort exists.

  3. Ya, it's this one i think

    And it's quite sturdy, we use it for making movement trays for warhammer fantasy. Or rather, we did before 9th ed and now none of us play it any more.


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