Saturday, 23 May 2015

A Song of Oaks and Axes

Next Sunday, May 31st, is Little Wars Melbourne, held in picturesque Moorabin Town Hall, home of the gently colour-shifting clock and the mighty car-park mural of might and red-ness.
And at said picturesque Moorabin Town Hall, I shall be running A Song of Oaks and Axes, a participation campaign run using Andrea Sfiligoi's 'A Song of Blades and Heroes' skirmish rules. This is most of the reason the blog has stood idle for so long - I've been hammering away at the terrain and minis required for this noble endeavour. Also, I've been writing up the process for The Campaigner, so it felt a bit like cheating to also include the stuff here. However, once the articles have been published and the event is over, I will revisit the making of elf houses, and very probably make some more Goblin stuff as well. In the mean time, here are some inspirational photographs to inspire you:
The foul goblins of the Flatulent Mountain tribe pour over the river, intent on mischief and lumberjackery!

Here we see the dreaded Goblin missile units, also that I have forgotten to paint the ends of the river sections... curse.

Stalwart Elf warriors defend the sacred pool from Bzak Butt-Scratcher and his scabrous crew.

And here we see my might giant, made from a $2 shop action figure. I have another two similar figures, and will be doing an MFH on the process at some point.

Just a vintage citadel ogre... sharped eyed readers with feet to match will notice he has a modern Ogre club - I bought him on eBay and the seller had removed his classic weapon to use him in Blood Bowl.
Little Wars is the end product of herculean efforts by mighty mortals. You can go and read about their struggles here.
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