Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Modelling For Hippos Ishoo Eleven: Steel Behemoth.

Hail and well met, hippo fans! At long last a new instalment of bloggery is here! I've been somewhat busy with things like cat maintenance, commissions, the Quarrelsome Quokka, reports and things, so it's been a while, but here it is at last!
Since the death of Warhammer, I've been converting over to Kings of War. One of the cool things Dwarves can get in KoW is the Steel Behemoth - which seems to be some sort of steamtank. (Is it just me, or is it weird that in WFB, the Dwarves taught the Empire engineering, are still regarded as being better at it, AND have gyrocopters, yet the Empire has the steamtanks??) There is no official model, but the rules are so awesome I knew I needed one. I was dropping GeekFest brochures in at Eureka Miniatures on Friday, and it seemed a good idea to see if they had any tank-y bits. Armed with some very cool track units from a Hardlove Steam Charger (among other things which will come into play in the fullness of time) I set out to build some sort of Steel Behemoth.

You will need:
Hardlove Steam Charger track units (from Eureka - I'm sure they'll sell just the tracks to you if you email them)
Citadel Dwarf Cannon/Organ gun sprue
Plastic tube
Plastic rod

And here is Grot to demonstrate how these disperate elements go together to make a mighty masterpiece of Dwarven engineering!

And there you have it Hippo Fans!
I'm planning to use the barrels from some Orc Shootas for smoke stacks, but I've only got one on hand, and cannot get more until I visit my esteemed flute-riddled opponent this evening. I'm planning to put some Dwarf musician horn end dragon head things on top of them, and run them un the front fenders. I've also left the crew and roof seperate so I can paint the crew, then install the crew and roof after I paint the rest of the thing. I'd also like to make a second Steel Behemoth, but for that one I'm planning of having the tracks in front and the wheels behind, so it'll look very different. I'm also out of Dwarf cannon sprues, so it might be a while before I make it.
This Steel Behemoth will most likely be making it's debut at the infamous HGC New Years Huge Game (this year in KoW!).
Until next time Hippo Fans.