Tuesday, 9 June 2009

In Which I Show Off Shamelessly.

I thought it was time for a terrain showcase to give you an idea of what you can make with simple techniques. So I've put together a selection of terrain I've made over the last couple of years, all of which uses either techniques we have already been through, or techniques which will be appearing on this blog soon.
Think of it as a slightly less educational ishoo. And a cunning way of getting around the fact that I've been crook for a while which has prevented me working on Ishoo Fiv.
I'll let Grot do the commentary shall I?

"Dis iz a big house wot waz builded like in ishoo wun an' too. It'z got a stone lower floor and a stable too"
"Dis iz a bunker llike wot we just made. It'z orl cold an' snowy."
"Dis iz a boat wot was carved out orf polystyrene fome. We iz gunna do an ishoo about doin' dis sort of fing soon."
"Dis iz a ruin for Mordheim."
"Dis iz annuver ruin for Mordheim. We iz gunna do an ishoo on dis stuffs too."
"Dis iz some nasty smelly skavenses in Mordheim. We iz gunna talk about makin dem Mushroomz soon."
"Dis iz a Jenny Rator. Or somefink."
"Dis iz a Vampire outhouse. Cause Vampires need to go to."
"This iz a sort of future outposty fing. It'z a bit small."

Thanks Grot.
Well, that should keep you occupied until the next ishoo comes out. We'll be tackling just about everything you've just seen sooner or later, starting with Mushrooms in Ishoo Fiv.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Ishoo For: Sci Fi Bunkerz

In this Ishoo, we'll take a look at making a simle SF concrete bunker with a removable roof. This size of bunker can hold a full ten man squad. In a later ishoo, we'll have a look at making a more detailed version of this bunker.
Take it away Grot!

Next Ishoo we'll talk about giant mushrooms!