Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Tale of Duelling Gamers: July

Here we are at the end of July, and the beginning of the Tzeentch contingent. I went into this month with $24 accumulated fro prior installments, and no really strong urge to paint Slaanesh stuff (plus I have not quite figured out how to convert the things I want to do just yet!) For reasons of cheapness and wanting a more 'templar' looking Tzeentch force, I've chosen Mantic Basileans for the basis of these guys. The paladins and paladin knights have excellent cultish robes which makes them look like an order of warrior mages, and the sisterhood make excellent female marauder cultists. Therefore, this month's work has been as follows:
1 Avatars of War lord of Torment (Sorcerer Lord)
12 Mantic Basilean Paladins (Chaos Warriors)
5 Mantic Basilean Panther Lancers (Marauder Horse)

Behold the fearsome might of their purple cats - because if you are Tzeentch you don't have to use normal coloured cats.

And another angle. I have not made a command group in this batch, but since the Mantic boxes have ten figures, I'm thinking of doing it for the second half.

Behold the sorcerer lord and warriors.

Minor free hand work on the banner. This is actually the first sculpted banner I've free handed. Previously, I've only free handed shields and banners made from metal foil.

The lord's staff broke during painting. It was VERY thin, and bent very easily... it came off and I don't have a drill bit small enough to fix it - need to borrow one from El Presidente Gregor.

Yup. They look like blue and yellow dudes from this angle also. Note the Greek Hoplite helmet I fitted to the champion, cut from a figure I bought years back at Eureka Minis.
Well, that's about it for july, except the budget report:
Well, the column headings are missing... so that's GW Price, what I paid, a blank space, total remaining budget, savings over GW, and monthly savings.


  1. I love the purple cats, also i do like the look of your sorcerer lord with the broken staff as a walking stick, added bonus he has no legs. looks great as always.

    1. I just had another look at the photo and you're right. He just needs a top hat and a monocle, and maybe a curved top to the cane of chaos.

  2. Cool, this is a good example of making figures look like something different.

    I've seen the pictures of the Basileans before, and I definitely wouldn't have imaged them being something you could turn into chaos warriors.

    Out of curiosity where abouts did you get the Mantic figures? I haven't seen them that cheap in Australia before.

    1. Direct from the factory at a 25% discount as part of the 'oh dear, now there are no English speaking nations in the World Cup anymore' sale.

  3. lilac pointed siamese are the business, totally agree that the idea of basileans as chaos had not really occured to me either so well done. Sadly last month was dreadful for me so this month i had better pick up my act.

  4. Skeletor was doing purple cats before chaos was cool:

    Your army looks amazing BTW. Cheers!


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