Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ishoo Twenty-Nin Aye: More Mushroom Houses

Here are some pics of more mushroom houses made using the same techniques as the example in Ishoo Twenty-Nin.
Why not follow Grot on a guided tour?

So you see, you can easily make a really characterful goblin settlement from a few polystyrene balls and a bit of imagination and elbow grease.
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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Second Berfenday Compometition

Okay Hippos fans! Get working! The winner of this years competition will win the coveted Certiwotsit of Winneration, along with a glorious TFH custom mug and badge. The winner will also receive an item of terrain which has appeared on this blog (but I'm keeping which a secret for now!) There'll be spare badges which will go to runners up and other deserving people.
Entries must be received by email by Midnight, may 31st, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Ishoo Twenty-Nin: Mushroom Houses

Today is the first part of an ongoing series I've been thinking about on CD terrain. That is, small terrain items which use a CD as a base.
It struck me the other day that Goblins have a very symbiotic relationship with mushrooms, so symbiotic in fact that they'd probably live in them if they could find big enough 'shrooms. So naturally, I just had to have a go at making them, just to prove they'd be awesomely characterful, and also to prove how absurdly easy it would be. So easy in fact, that even a hippo could do it.
Take it away Grot!

And there you have it, a house fit for a gobbo, small enough to fit on a CD, and so easy a hippo could make it!

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Next ishoo marks our thirtieth official instalment (there have been more since some Ishoos have been divided into part aye and part bee), and we'll be bringing an idea I had about ten years ago back from the dead. Stay tuned for Fort Trollengerschpanken!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Ishoo Twenty-Ate: Hoth Style Generator

The rebel alliance generator on the ice planet Hoth is one of SF's most endearing structures. It's just the kind of thing everyone wants to have in their own snow and ice terrain collection. It's not that hard to build something similar, but you do need some special parts...
Take it away Grot!
Note: Grot's typing lets him down again, this should be 'Asthma POWDER inhalers.'

And there you have it!
The snow material we've used comes from Woodland Scenics. It's best to apply several coats as it can look pretty thin (the thicker parts on this project have three coats)
The asthma inhalers were donated by an asthmatic wargaming friend and once contained a powdered asthma medecine called 'flixotide' although there are other drugs sold in the same inhalers.

Watch out for next ishoo where we build... gnome style mushroom houses?