Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ishoo Twenty-For-Point_Fiv: More Swamps

As promised here are the pics of the other swamps I made at the same time. I figured a primative orcy swamp settlement would look pretty cool, so I've made some swamp huts, partially inspired by the voodoo woman's skull shaped hut in Monkey Island 2. The huts are made from strips of balsa wood glued to a cardboard or foamcore basic shape.
Anyway, here's Grot to take you ona tour!

Well, that's all for now folks, but keep an eye out for Ishoo Twenty-Fiv: 15mm Medieval Village!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Ishoo Twenty-For: Swamps.

Just the other day El Presidente Gregor (the guy who runs my games club) mentioned his dream of having a whole table worth of swamp for his orcs to merrily splosh around in. So I put it on the People's Choice Poll, and it won.
Swamps are very dramatic and useful pieces of terrain, the kind of handy feature every gamer needs at least one of. Fortunately, they are both easy and quick to make. Okay, they can take a few days, but that's only because you have to wait for the PVA glue to dry - you don't spend that long working on them.
Anyway, here's Grot to show you how!

There you go hippo fans! It might take a while to dry, but you can use that time to build more swamps! Which is just what I did. Keep a weather eye out for Ishoo Twenty-For Point Fiv where I'll show them all off.

Meanwhile, here are a few notes on some of the materials involved:
Plaster Bandage: You can get this from most craft shops and some pharmacies.
Coarse Turf: This is available at model shops, especially model railways shops.
Sisal Twine: You can buy this from a garden shop or the garden section of the hardware shop.

See you next time, hippo fans!

Monday, 27 December 2010

In which I show off shamelessly (again!)

I've managed to go and run out of sand so I'm sitting around bored and listless instead of working on the swamps for Ishoo Twenty-For. The perfect time to show off shamelessly again!

Grot sez: "This is a vignettey-fing wot was real kwik to make. One of these days we iz going to talk about dioramas."

Grot sez: "This is a communicationz relay wot was made from an old smoke alarum".

Grot sez: "This is a oooooge laser cannon fingee wot was built from plumbing parts an' stuff."

Grot sez: "This is a little power relay station fingee."

Grot sez: "This iz a dice tower wot was built to look like a fantasy house."

Grot sez: "This is part of a modumalar mordheim port wot iz still in progress."

Hopefully I'll be able to get more sand tommorow and the swamps will be online soon! See you then!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Wot's in store for 2011?

Wots in store for 2011? Let's ask Grot shall we?

1: There will be more itty stuffs.
Since I've gotten the stats thingee on Blogger working I've discovered that the second most commonly used search which gets you to this blog is '15mm Castle'. So there will be more 15mm and 6mm terrain happening. Plans include a 15mm Norman manor house, 15mm village and 6mm village.

2: There will be people's choice ishoos every for ishoos.
Just the same as always, there will be a people's choice ishoo every four ishoos where you can choose from a list of four different options. Naturally, if there's nothing on the poll you fancy you can always send an email (my email link is available in my profile) and make a request. Or you can use the comments. Either or. I'm more than happy to field such requests - in fact it'll help with deciding what to produce each ishoo.

3: There will be more sciencey fiction stoofs.
Yes, I realise that TFH is mostly a fantasy terrain blog. I actually started out making SF terrain, but since my wargames club is mostly a Warhammer Fantasy enclave I tend to make a lot of fantasy these days. I'm planning some more SF things, including 'My First Underhive'.

4: There will be more of them steaming punks around.
Since I've gotten into Warmachine you can expect more steampunk terrain. I've got a few ideas and a friend has commisioned me to make him some Hordes terrain, so expect more steampunk in the year to come. Actually, I'm going to try to keep things fairly balanced and put out about as much of the three main areas - Fantasy, SF and Steampunk.

5: The Great Terrain For Hippos Auction will returnerate.
Some time in the new year (probably over January) I'll be listing some stuff on eBay. I'll be offering international shipping and everything.

6: The Berfenday compomotition will be back.
When TFH's second anniversary rolls around in May, the Berfenday Compo will be on again!

7: There will be no garumantees about how often itz publisherated.
I don't just build wargames terrain you know, other modeling projects (new armies, SF and speculative modeling projects etc. etc.) get in the way and mean that there will be times when nothing much happens. Just bear with me when that happens.

Alright folks, that seems to just about cover it. And since it's boxing day I'm going to assume that those of you in civilized countries are watching or listening to the test match, and that everyone has atleast a few days off work. Days which could be put to porductive use following the teachings of the prophet Grot and building terrain! Go to it!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ishoo Twenty-Free: Small Egyptian Tomb

If you're going to play colonial games or Khemri (or Wargods of Aegyptus for that matter), you'll be needed some Egyptian style terrain. Pyramids are obviously awesome, but they're also huge and easy to do (even a concussed hippo could work them out!), so here instead is a nifty small Egyptian tomb of the sort in which merchants were buried.
It goes without saying that it's so easy even a hippo could do it!

And there you have it Hippo Fans!
Don't forget to vote in the Ishoo Twenty-For reader's choice poll and have a merry orksmas!