Monday, 27 December 2010

In which I show off shamelessly (again!)

I've managed to go and run out of sand so I'm sitting around bored and listless instead of working on the swamps for Ishoo Twenty-For. The perfect time to show off shamelessly again!

Grot sez: "This is a vignettey-fing wot was real kwik to make. One of these days we iz going to talk about dioramas."

Grot sez: "This is a communicationz relay wot was made from an old smoke alarum".

Grot sez: "This is a oooooge laser cannon fingee wot was built from plumbing parts an' stuff."

Grot sez: "This is a little power relay station fingee."

Grot sez: "This iz a dice tower wot was built to look like a fantasy house."

Grot sez: "This is part of a modumalar mordheim port wot iz still in progress."

Hopefully I'll be able to get more sand tommorow and the swamps will be online soon! See you then!

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