Monday, 20 December 2010

Ishoo Twentee-Too: Skaven Reactor

The sinister warp-stone reactors of the loathesome rat-men and thier vile kin are such an iconic image that I'm supised every skaven player doesn't have one. What is more suprising is that a good skaven reactor is only a week-end project - hell I got this one done in a day, but then I'm on summer hols right now. Sure it's got a hell of a lot of steps, but it's mostly a case of throwing things at it and seeing what sticks, there's really no major construction.
Anyways, it's so gosh-darned simple even a hippo could do it - take it away Grot!

Note: The cunning-smart thing on top of the capsule is a doll's eye fastener. They come with doll's eyes, which can be bought from any decent craft shop.

Note: Liquid masking fluids are available from all art and hobby shops. If you don't have any, plugging the hole with blu-tac would work just as well.

And there you have it, thanks Skveek!
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