Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Ishoo Twenty-For: Swamps.

Just the other day El Presidente Gregor (the guy who runs my games club) mentioned his dream of having a whole table worth of swamp for his orcs to merrily splosh around in. So I put it on the People's Choice Poll, and it won.
Swamps are very dramatic and useful pieces of terrain, the kind of handy feature every gamer needs at least one of. Fortunately, they are both easy and quick to make. Okay, they can take a few days, but that's only because you have to wait for the PVA glue to dry - you don't spend that long working on them.
Anyway, here's Grot to show you how!

There you go hippo fans! It might take a while to dry, but you can use that time to build more swamps! Which is just what I did. Keep a weather eye out for Ishoo Twenty-For Point Fiv where I'll show them all off.

Meanwhile, here are a few notes on some of the materials involved:
Plaster Bandage: You can get this from most craft shops and some pharmacies.
Coarse Turf: This is available at model shops, especially model railways shops.
Sisal Twine: You can buy this from a garden shop or the garden section of the hardware shop.

See you next time, hippo fans!

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