Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Ork Fightas at Target

I was at the local Target this afternoon looking at Lego, and I discovered something. Target have just signed an exclusive deal to sell very cheap Ork Fightas. They don't know this. But it is true. They think they are part of some 'Rescue Team' cheap action figure line. But they are not. They are Ork Fightas. And they cost $14, and come with three free figures (one of whom, the Insane Bobble Head Vet Lady has clearly seen things you wouldn't believe, which has lead to her head coming unstuck and spinning randomly), a giant hound, a boat and an ATV. The wheels on the ATV looks useful. The boat might end up as terrain. The figures are fairly useless unless you know any small children who are easily amused and can handle the Insane Bobble Head Vet Lady and her thousand yard stare.
Rescue Team is clearly just a ruse used to avoid the agents of the imperium catching on to this Orky arms deal...
Look at that engine. Only and ork could think such a thing was right.
The underside is pretty hollow, but with a little plasticard this should b e no problem.
 So if you want a $14 Ork Fighta, get down to Target today to avoid disappointment. It's probably only Target Australia, but you never know.

Just, you know, avoid the Insane Bobble Head Vet Lady.