Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Ishoo Wun-Oh-Free: Albion Stone Circle

Reader with keen ears and heads to match will know I am currently embroiled in The Hoodling's 'The Shadows Return' campaign, in which I have been leading a large squid on a merry and largely random tour around Albion. This has prompted the obvious conclusion - HGC does not have enough stone circles. Or more accurately, we don't have one which is flexible enough to be played over. This, coupled with the cold weather meaning I have to wait quite a while for glue and paint to dry on the second Khador Tower I am making for men of distant lands, seemed like a good opportunity...
I have always planned to make a stone circle for TFH. There was one in the great red 'How to make Wargames Terrain' book of my youth, which lead to me always wanting one, even if I was only playing 40K and Necromunda at the time. Thus, early this morning, I rummaged around to find some CNC Workshop scatter terrain bases HGC won in ages past at the VICCs, and set to work...
A wandering Grot appears!

And there you are, hippo fans! I should have the mighty Khador Kommission done soon, after which I shall embark upon the Necrotite Rig, which has been voted in with spectacularly good timing since I'm about to start a Cryx army...

Monday, 13 June 2016

Ishoo Wun-Oh-Too: Khador Tower

Some time ago, I received a commission from the distant Philippines to build some Khador Terrain. What with preparations for Little Wars and various other things, work was somewhat delayed, but here it is - the mighty Khador Tower!
And how hard, I hear you cry, is the making of this mighty edifice? Forward Winterguardsman Grot!

And there it is! To get a deeper layer of snow, several coats are needed. This shows only one - I'm going to experiment and find out the optimal number.
Ishoo Wun-Oh-Free should follow fairly soon, but who can tell?