Wot's all this then?

A lot of people seem to think making terrain is hard. It's not. It's so easy, even a hippo could do it. And to prove a hippo could do it, here's 'Terrain For Hippos', a new, visual step by step terrain building bog, hosted by professional Hippo, Grot Bag.

Every Ishoo features pictorial step-by-step instructions which guide you through building a piece of wargames terrain. At the end of each project you will find technical information (the materials and paints used, the measurements of the parts etc) to allow you to build an exact replica. There are also text based articles about terrain building considerations (written in Grot Speak).

It should be noted that Grot sounds roughly like Eccles from the Goon Show, and drops his 'haitches'. For best effect read the blog aloud in your best Eccles voice.

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