Monday, 20 February 2017

Ishoo Wun-Oh-Sven: Portheim Boards

Welcome once again fans of the African river horse school of terrain manufacture! Last ishoo we handled the making of the polystyrene tiles which make up the land of Portheim. This time we shall look at the making of the MDF board which they sit upon and which represent the watery depths of the seas! And which can ALSO be used for games of Distopian Wars, Dreadfleet (for the absurdly rich) or Man O' War (for the absurdly old and awesome).
But how hard is it to build an ocean, I hear you cry? Let us consult Grot, who has recently been hunting witches through the ruins of Portheim...

Oh yes indeed. It is glossy and reflective, but it's very hard to get a decent photo.... sigh.
This is a very quick little project, which could easily be done in a day. The only reason it took me longer was the unseasonable weather here... Not so much the rain, but the wind which was threatening to pick up and launch the boards while I was painting. Yes - boards - there are three of them which can be placed side by side to make a 6X4 table.
Also, a note on the photos - I didn't want to take the camera outside and forget it to be rained upon, so these were taken on my phone. Grot seems to like the new widescreen format...
Next up, we'll look at building Old Portheim Bridge, followed by an attempt at the Pirate Ship Titania... that all the Ted Naifeh fans are excited I shall leave you! Farewell!