Monday, 31 March 2014

Holy sheet! It's Polystyrene!

Remember how I told you that Bunnings now stocks Polystyrene, but it has these weird channels in it?
Well, I've found better. The local Home Hardware (Smith's in Leongatha) has sheets of medium density white Polystyrene foam 75mm thick. And 2.4 meters long. And 1.2 meters wide. Which is a bit of an issue, because my car is only marginally bigger than that.
Anyway, by walking home carrying it, I managed to procure a sheet for $34.65. It's the stuff I have always used for hills since a mate held a job which involved access to off cuts of it. He's left that job now, so I was out of sources until this came up.

Behold it's vast magnificence! Behold the fuzzy results of using autofocus on a featureless white oblong!
Now, if I can get a sheet of Polystyrene like this at the local hardware in a small town (pop. 5500, 1.5hours from Melbourne), then think what you lucky dwellers in state capitals can get! A new golden age is at hand! Hills for all!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

A new challenger appears!

Since I last posted about Duelling Gamers, there has been a huge influx of new participants. Some of whom have even built blogs for the occassion! I've been updating the list on the previous post, but thought it was worth mentioning for those who probably didn't notice (because I wasn't mentioning it).
We now have a mighty EIGHT CONFIRMED GAMERS! And a wobbly maybe. More than half are not HGC members, which is a first. We've even got an Englishman. Who will probably be a bit startled when he calculates prices in AUD.
We now have two Dwarf and two Wood Elf armies, a pair of 40K participants, and even a father-son duo (although they are in competition with one another!).
Stay tuned for the kick-off on Tuesday!

Monday, 24 March 2014

A Tale of Duelling Gamers is almost upon us!

The beginning of A Tale of Duelling Gamers is only just around the corner! We've got four firm commitments to the six-month challenge, plus one somewhat wobbly 'maybe.'
The duellists are:
Owen (Terrain For Hippos) -WFB - Chaos Warriors.
Greg (The Hoodling's Hole) - WFB - Dwarves.
Justin (Holiday Hobbyist) - 40K - Orks.
Pete (The Breathless Host) - WFB - Wood Elves
Matt (Hobby Hideout) - WFB - Chaos Dwarves - Maybe.
Chris & Son of Chris (Moruya Marauders) - 40K & WFB - Something.
Nick (Carrot and Stick) - WFB - Wood Elves
Rupert (Not About To Grow Up) - WFB - Dwarves
Nick (Den of the Eternal Youth) - WFB - Chaos Warriors.
Stand by for frantic paintbrush action in the grand traditions of DP1-3!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Campaigner issue 7 hits the shelves.

The Campaigner issue 7 is out now! You should got and buy about seventy-three copies, so they can afford to pay me for my articles.

Oh, and there are cool things from other people in there also.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Ishoo Atey-Nin: Fields.

Now that 8th Edition has been with us some time, and apparently the whole warhammer world is out to kill everything in it, but you CAN cross obstacles easily, it's about time to tackle one of the oft forgotten items of Fantasy terrain.
Actually, it's time because of the infernal machinations of the Infernal Muppets, who have once more commissioned me to build more terrain than the mind can comfortably comprehend in less time than it takes to work out how to spell comprehend. And they wanted fields. And fortunately, they are quick.
Cue high-speed peasant Grot!

 And there you have it, Hippo Fans! The first project of 2014, and a total and utter nightmare for anyone still using 7th ed rules!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Gippsland Gamers announces Easter holiday porgram.

Gippsland Gamers has announced this year's Easter holiday program to take place at Coal Creek Village, Korrumburra. Obviously, you should go, because, equally obviously, you will not have anything even near this awesome to do in the holidays.