Tuesday, 5 November 2019

The race that once more fails to stop Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: The Sequel.

Here it is, nearly 2100 on cup day. Not a great deal got done this afternoon. Things sort of slowed down and I got sidetracked by DVDs. However, some of the mystery surrounding the Shokkjump Dragsta can now be shed.
Here's the dragsta with the body mocked up. This is not quite the final position, but it's close enough to give you an idea. That's a 1:32 toy kombi van by the way.

Here's the driver - he's from one of the trukks that formed part of Mad Juzzy the Flutist's bounty. The beige stuff is all part of the kombi's interior. The rest has been cut off to make room for the shokk reactor which will be going into the back.

The race that once more fails to stop Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects.

It's just after noon on Cup Day here in Victoria, and while the various glittering socialites are parading around Flemington race course in tiny hats, here in the mekboy workshops of Grot, we're doing what we always do with cup day long weekend - building stuff. I like to try to get a huge amount of hobby in over the long weekend - in the past I have actually run a challenge to build, paint and complete a whole model over the course of just this one day. This year, I am scratchbuilding a Shokkjump Dragsta.
Once again, I am not that mad about GW's model. It doesn't really scream 'dragster' - it looks about as  heavy as all the other new vehicles, and apart from being on drag slick tyres, it's not really very dragster shaped either. So obviously I have to build one and make it very clearly dragsterish. Also, I get the fun of building a Shokk Reactor. Which I am certainly excited about.

The chassis is now basically complete. The wheels are not glued to anything yet, but the axels are all mounted and it rolls nicely. Wheels are from a 1:32 scale toy car (front) and a 1:25 scale model Pro Street car (rear)

The engine is almost done - I still need to add some belts to drive the twin super chargers. The area between is being left clear to allow the Shokk Rifle to fire through the engine.

I still need to fine tune the engine's position and add some mounts. At the moment the exhausts get a bit mixed up witht he wheels.

The rear diff and suspension has just been mounted. The yellow bit in the middle is a bead I found at a $2 shop - more of them will be used in the reactor.
Stand by for further updates, including what I'm using for the body of this thing later this afternoon or evening!
And if I win anything on the cup, who knows, I might spend it on actual GW vehicles models - but mostly so I can point out all their many failings and sneer at them while scrath building things I like.