Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Pudding's Principals of Terrain Production.

A little conversation I was having with a freind about making a new batch of fantasy buildings to use at Axemaster lead me to formulate my ten principals of terrain production. I really doubt the list is final; I'm sure I've forgotten some pearl of wisdom, but here it is anyway. I suggest you learn it by heart so you can qoute it at the un-initiated. Kinda like a cross between Rimmer and his Space Corps Directives and the Ferengi Rules of Aquisition. But slighlty more practical.

1: A building is a building, not a landscape.
Keep the base nice and tight; it's mostly just waste space anyway.

2: Terrain which does no give cover stays on the shelf.
Seriously, why bother to build an empty field?

3: Infelxible terrain leads to the same battle over and over.
If you make a fully sculpted board, don't be surprised to find the same tactics being used over it every time.

4: There is no such thing as too strong.
Terrain will lead a hard life. It's gotta be tough enough.

5: But there is such a thing as too delicate.
Terrain will lead a hard life. Delicate stuff looks good but it breaks fast.

6: Always provide for troop movement.
Troops need to move over, through and around terrain. Make sure they can.

7: Any terrain is better than no terrain.
So put your back into it and start making some. No one expects you to be a god-king of terrain making first time.

8: Buy your trees.
Seriously, they take far to long to make.

9: Real buildings are just too big.
Scale them down a bit; they look just as good and youdon't use half the table for a house.

10: Green on Green and Brown on Brown.
Seriosuly people, how hard is it to find terrain pieces with bases that match the table?

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Back on track for Ishoo Twentee.

The What-If Modeler's One Week Group Build is done (it's not finished yet, but my entry is done), so I'm back on track for Ishoo Twentee. Both of them. Things are about to become rather Sci Fi heavy for a while, as Ishoo Twentee-Wun will deal with Necromunda Terrain. After that I'll be a little busy building large numbers of fantasy buildings for use at this year's Axemaster tournament.

Anyway, just thought I should let you know, and let you have a look at my 1WGB entry.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Why there have been no updates for so long...

Remember last time there was a long delay and I blamed it on a 1/24 Pontiac? Well, this time there are several 1/24 cars AND a group build on What-If Modelers.
And to prove it, here are some pics of the cars in question. I'll evenetually get round to the SF Landing Pad and Windmill I promised, but it'll take a while.