Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Pudding's Principals of Terrain Production.

A little conversation I was having with a freind about making a new batch of fantasy buildings to use at Axemaster lead me to formulate my ten principals of terrain production. I really doubt the list is final; I'm sure I've forgotten some pearl of wisdom, but here it is anyway. I suggest you learn it by heart so you can qoute it at the un-initiated. Kinda like a cross between Rimmer and his Space Corps Directives and the Ferengi Rules of Aquisition. But slighlty more practical.

1: A building is a building, not a landscape.
Keep the base nice and tight; it's mostly just waste space anyway.

2: Terrain which does no give cover stays on the shelf.
Seriously, why bother to build an empty field?

3: Infelxible terrain leads to the same battle over and over.
If you make a fully sculpted board, don't be surprised to find the same tactics being used over it every time.

4: There is no such thing as too strong.
Terrain will lead a hard life. It's gotta be tough enough.

5: But there is such a thing as too delicate.
Terrain will lead a hard life. Delicate stuff looks good but it breaks fast.

6: Always provide for troop movement.
Troops need to move over, through and around terrain. Make sure they can.

7: Any terrain is better than no terrain.
So put your back into it and start making some. No one expects you to be a god-king of terrain making first time.

8: Buy your trees.
Seriously, they take far to long to make.

9: Real buildings are just too big.
Scale them down a bit; they look just as good and youdon't use half the table for a house.

10: Green on Green and Brown on Brown.
Seriosuly people, how hard is it to find terrain pieces with bases that match the table?

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