Saturday, 13 March 2010

Ishoo Fifteen: Mordheim Ruins

One thing about Mordheim is that it needs pretty dense terrain. While terrain building nutters like myself see this as a welcome challenge, many people balk at the idea of making so many ruins. How, they ask, do you make so many fantasy/medieval style ruins without having to waste months before you even have enough to play a game on? Well, Mordheim Ruins are actually not hard to make and don't take very long either - especially when you build several at once as I always do!
Let's face it, their so easy even a hippo could make them - cue Grot!

Well, there you have it. It doesn't take long at all to build up a nice collection of ruins - especially if you have a few mates to help you. You can quite easily set up a porduction line - I tend to build the shells of several ruins at once, then add the timber frames to them all at the same time before moving on to the paint stage. That way you can almost always be working on one of them while the others dry.
Don't miss Ishoo Sicksteen - Toxichem Ponds coming soonish (I have a fiendish Sci-Fi diorama to build before I start it)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ishoo Forteen: Pumping Stations

Well, after a bit of a delay caused mostly by the return of the dreaded work, here's Ishoo Forteen: Pumping Stations. Nothing says industrial SF hell world more than a great big rusty network of giant pipes containing Glod alone knows what, and thanks to the PVC plumbing section of your local hardware supplier, nothing could be easier. In fact, as the old syaing goes, even a hippo could make it!
Take it away Grot!

Technical bits:
For this project, you need the following PVC parts:
  • Six 15mm inside diameter 90 degree elbow bends
  • Two 15mm inside diameter 45 degree elbow bends
  • Four 15mm inside diameter T-Juntions
  • One 15mm inside diameter connector
  • One meter of 15mm inside diameter pipe
The adeptus mechanicus icon is made from an old Citadel Skeleton Warrior shield boss and a plastic cog taken from inside a powder-type asthma inhaler, similar cogs can be found in other places I am sure.

Make sure your pipes connect to the pumping station at the right hiegh by using a short length of pipe and a T-Junction to hold it at the right hieght.

In out next Ishoo, we'll have a look at making ruins for Morheim, and in Ishoo Sicksteen, we'll be making toxichem ponds according to the reader's choice poll. See you then.
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