Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: My tank is BLAST!

Time for an update on the Kill Blasta (I think). I have not worked on it all that much of late - the weekly descent of the Hobbiests of the Hoodling's Hole has been lightly interrupted by Lego these last few weeks, but I have been spending some time either before work of after dinner most days.
This side is the more complete side. I have plated and detailed the upper hull, and plated the lower hull (not detailed yet because I have to work out the suspension). I have not added rivets to most of it yet, sort of planning to do that all at once in one big orgy of riveting.
Here's a detail shot of the exhaust mechanisms on this side.

This is the rear hatch which allows the 12 boyz carried in the armoured bowels of the Kill Blasta to spew forth and hit things. There'll be hatches on both sides and one above the main gun too. The four tubes top right are the rokkit lancher, and are just mocked up at the moment.

The main gun in only blu-tacked on at the moment, so I've removed it for a clearer look at the engine.
I've basically worked out how I'm doing the drive sprockets, road wheels idlers etc for the suspension, but I'm still working out how to make all the track links. Probably slowly.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: Some sort of tank perhaps?

With the stompa finished, I've decided to take a break from that project (can't face painting it right now - that's a lot of yellow...) and work on a different orky vehicle. A smaller one. Although still pretty big. In fact it's also a Lord of War choice (or whatever they call them) - a Kill Tank. I can't remember which kind of Kill Tank right now - there are two with different weapon fits and the names are not sticking in my head. I think it might be a Kill Blasta, but then it might be a Killbursta...?
Anyway here are some pics.
Scale Reference Cat graciously consents to give scale to the project. About all I know about the design is that I want to have the main gun in a fixed front mount, and that I want to have a truck-style bonnet out front between the tracks. Also everyone thinks it looks like a boat.

Here's the almost latest with the engine installed, the bonnet part detailed and a lot of the plating done. The main gun is just blu-tacked on right now.
And the rear view. I am in the process of adding random plating everywhere and then I'll go back for detailing and rivets. There will be a large hatch in the rear notch to allow the transported orks to get in and out since the Kill Tank is also an APC.
Apart from that, I've got a few sketches and ideas running around. Nick Hoen of the Dwellers Bellow pod cast was nosing around HGC's terrain collection looking for some kit for an upcoming event, and mentioned some ideas, including a further expansion of the Gob Off terrain, so I've started work on a Shaman's hut made from a tree stump. It'll be a TFH Ishoo eventually.