Monday, 3 December 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes 2: The Results

Let it be known that Duelling Paintbrushes is over, and the following men have been declared victorious, and elevated to the highest esteem for their confirmed painting efforts:
  • Owen of Terrain For Hippos (2000+ Points of Skaven, 131 models)
  • Greg of The Hoodling's Hole (1000 Points of Empire)
  • Drew of Back in Drew's Day (1000 Points of Orcs-Wot-Fink-Dey-Iz-Elves)
  • Matt of Hobby Hideout! (1000 Points of Grey Knights)

Unless the other participants can provide confirmation of their victory, they run the risk of being declared weedy gits under the terms of the contest. Better let me know chaps - I'm not sure what your targets where and I'm not familiar with your systems, so I cannot figure out your points myself.

Interestingly, the ones who finished are all bloggers, while none of those who chose to lurk in obscurity on Facebook have completed. Possibly the glare of public scrutiny proved a motivational force...


  1. seems to me that the cunning-smart skaven, got a ton more painted than the other, not as brave, not-rat things.

    1. Not only are they cunning-smart, but they add plus one inch to all flee moves! Naturally, this adds to their painting speed.

  2. You know what's awesome? Completing!

    So Owen, I posed the question on Facebook (but you're hard to contact that way): Shall we have a three-game round robin on Saturday to showcase our armies? The non-player can take photos and report whilst the other two play. Shouldn't take too long with only 1000 points.

    However, I'd request making it maybe 1100 or 1200 points because my list doesn't have any upgrade, and I don't think Greg does either. Your initial 1000 points included upgrades, so it may make things a tad lop-sided.

  3. Sounds like a plan. You do realise that if we add extra points, i can just add more upgrades, right?
    Possibly I can have a handicap system where I use my thousand, but you can have a few hundred extra points for upgrades...
    Not that it will make much difference, my gaming skill and ability will probably balance things out perfectly well anyway...

  4. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can read about it here at

    1. Thanks dude! Now I have to think of five blogs I follow...

  5. I figure you can use your extra points to include some of your extra models.


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