Sunday, 2 December 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes 2: The End.

It's over. Duelling Paintbrushes 2: Mexican Paintoff is completed. And the only reason I have not posted until now is that I couldn't get to the computer... (I am visiting my parents, and they've just had their floors revarnished - no one was allowed to walk on them until now, so we were confined to the computer-free front half of the house...)

On Friday, Pete and I conspired to hold a Greg-free painting night at the Peteplex, where I was intorudced to the 3D printer, and had some 60X40 unit filler bases printed. I also put the finishing touches on the bases of my loathsome rat men, their vile kin, and their vile-kins's mate's pet rat, Colin. 

On Saturday, I took my pernicious hordes to HGC for a photo session on the terrain. And forgot to take the Doom Flayer. Oh well.

The verminous might of Clan Skitterclaw emerges from the marshes of Skavenblight, which are oddly snowy for the time of the year...

Ask not for whom the bell screams, it screams for you!

The original Warlock Engineer wildly wields his wonderfully wicked warplock weapon.

Gutter runners lurk in a ruined building. Lurkfully.

The mighty Rat Ogres - second left is the new one with head cloned from the Screaming Bell ringer.

Warlord Skveek Skitterclaw himself on the giant pox rat itself...

Further Skveekage. It has been pointed out to me that the rat looks like it's rubbing it's hands together like a super villain plotting to take over the world. I shall have to name him 'Pinky.'

It's that warpmusketeer again!

The doom rocket shall spell your doom. The warlock engineer will not, since he cannot spell. Damn illiterate skaven minions.

You will not get my brass orb! It's MY brass orb! I'm going to hold it, and pet it, and love it and call it 'George.'

The Rat Tank in it's verminous glory!

Giant rats - I found another two on the Corpse Cart sprue, so now there are sixteen.

Emerging from the sinister swamps, the scurry scurvily with skittering stealth.

So, the army list stands at (and yes, I know it's not legal. The initial 1000 point force IS legal, and by adding in magical items, caster levels and standards, it's possible to remove an excess lord, and still pull off 2000 points)

Lords (648pts)

  • Grey Seer (440pts)
    The Screaming Bell (200pts)
  • Warlord (208pts)
    Dragonhelm (10pts), Great Pox Rat (30pts), Shield (3pts), Talisman of Preservation (45pts), Weeping Blade (30pts)

Heroes (205pts)

  • Warlock Engineer (95pts)
    Warpmusket (15pts), Warpstone Tokens (15pts), Wizard Level 1 (50pts)
  • Warlock Engineer (65pts)
    Brass Orb (50pts)
  • Warlock Engineer (45pts)
    Doomrocket (30pts)

Core (722.5pts)

  • Clanrats (287.5pts)
    Clawleader (8pts), Musician (4pts), Poisoned Wind Mortar (65pts), Standard Bearer (8pts)
    • 45x Clanrats (202.5pts)
      45x Shield (22.5pts)
  • Clanrats (215pts)
    Clawleader (8pts), Musician (4pts), Standard Bearer (8pts), Warpfire Thrower (70pts)
    • 25x Clanrats (125pts)
      25x Shield (12.5pts), 25x Spear (12.5pts)
  • Stormvermin (220pts)
    Doom-flayer (55pts), Fangleader (10pts), Musician (5pts), Standard Bearer (10pts), 20x Stormvermin (140pts)

Special (228pts)

  • Gutter Runners (60pts)
    5x Gutter Runners (60pts), Two hand weapons
  • Rat Ogres (168pts)
    Packmaster (8pts), 4x Rat Ogre (160pts)

Rare (150pts)

  • Doomwheel (150pts)

(No Category) (64pts)

  • Giant Rats (64pts)
    16x Giant Rats (48pts), 2x Packmaster (16pts)

My future plans include:
  • Finishing the unit fillers.
  • Remembering the Doom Flayer.
  • Building a horde of rat ogres from Killa Kan parts (possibly a literal horde...)
  • Building a Hell Pit Abomination from similar things.
  • Building a Skaven Flyer. Because I can. It might count as an Abom. I dunno.
  • Expanding regiments further.
  • Building the Warp Lightning Cannon.
  • Building Jezzail Teams from plastic skaven and Empire hand guns.

1 comment :

  1. Not a bad army. And just plain not right that it was all painted in a single month.

    From a gaming point of view, your plans should include painting 2-3 units of Slaves. They're practically free and a complete no-brainer if you want to be competitive.

    I would also like to see some Plague Monks to give you more bulk whilst still adding variety. But that is less important than the Slaves...


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