Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ishoo Sixty-Ate: Palace of Forbidden Pleasures

Well, here it is at last! Because you demanded it - the second of what will eventually be a series of ishoos detailing the temples and holy places of the four ruinous powers (plus chaos undivided!)
This time it's Slaanesh, with the Palace of Forbidden Pleasures. How hard is it to build a delicately scented, decadent and hedonistic shrine? Well, let's get Grot's expert opinion...

And there you have the Palace of Forbidden Pleasures!
You can buy miniature champagne glasses from $2 shops, and cake decorating places (they seem to be used for wedding cakes or something...) Fake gems are easily obtained from craft stores.
As to the templates... well, they can be obtained here.
Stick around for the next ishoo where we tackle crumbling stone walls!


  1. Very nice! and with a change in the doorway and statuary, you could use this same plan for other temples as well.

    1. You could, or you could wait until I cover the other two ruinous powers (Tzeentch already has the levitating altar) and chaos undivided and see what their shrines look like!


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