Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Ishoo Ninty-Too: Micro Generators

At last it's here! Long have I awaited it's completion (mostly cause I've already completed the next ishoo, but have to post this one first...) Yes, Micro Generators are here at last!
This is an experiment in 'instant terrain'. Not instant in that you snap your fingers or wave a tentacle and it's there, instant in that you don't need to cut anything. In fact, every component of this project (bar two small plastic rods) is an item available from Bunnings, a $2 shop or a supermarket.
How will this all combine? Let's summon forth the hippo and find out!

Note: this was spray undercoated first with a special paint designed to bond with smooth plastics, available from Rust-Oleum.

And there you have it hippo fans! Quick and easy to build, and featuring the characteristic-shapes beloved of the players of certain futuristic games. These boxes are also available in larger sized from Office Works (although they're transparent). And here are the printable graphics:

Don't forget to enter the annual Terrain Compometition, and keep a weather eye out for Ishoo ninty-free, which should be online tonight. And don't you dare forget to enter the annual terrain compometition!

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  1. Great issue Owen and Grot. And the tardiness is forgiven based on the overwhelming evidence that is "Tenenoch-toad-alan


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