Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Duelling Paintbrushes 5: The end is in sight.

Long have I left my blog lay idle. Long have men clamoured for updates on the Duel of Kings. Long have grown the beards of my Dwarves as they wait...
And the wait is over! Aye, at last an update on DP5: Duel of Kings!
Astute readers may have noticed the duel counter slowly ticking over as I 'complete' things (although I've been marking things as done before I finish the bases - I like to leave them to last and do them all at once). I can now reveal that:

  • All 40 of the Ironclad horde are painted, and most are based (this includes a Throwing Mastiff marker and a unit filling cider wagon)
  • All 10 Berzerkers are painted, but not based.
  • The flame cannon is completely complete.
  • All 10 Shield Breakers are painted, but not based.
  • The King has become an Army Standard when I realised that I had one converted but had never painted it. Also because I wanted to use the Queen Helgar model as the champion in my Ironclad to save on buying a command group on eBay.
  • The 5 Sharpshooters have been converted and are mostly painted.
  • The Earth Elemental has been built, but no further. Also, I think he'll be demoted to a plain old earth elemental, he's not really big enough for a greater version.
I'll post some good pics when all is complete. For now, here are some in progress pics from my phone.

Forgdottir's Hammer (front view) Made from a Dreadball Iron Ancestor with various additions.

Note the might smoke stack which lurks unseen in the upper image.

The complete cohort arrayed for inspection.


  1. I shall toast a cider to the Dwarves on the 31st of October. I like the golem idea clever.

  2. Well done Owen, they're looking good.
    You're slipping a bit in your old age; I didn't think these would pose a challenge to you.

    1. I'm not slipping. Just taking things at a more relaxed pace.


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