Thursday, 1 October 2015

Duelling Paintbrushes 5: And so it begins.

And lo, here we are in October, the month of the Duel of Kings! I have chosen to paint up more Dwarves (I already have a small WFB Dwarf army, but even for WFB it needs considerable expansion) and by the simple expedient of rummaging in the stash, I have uncovered most of what I need. Having run various ideas through EasyArmy, I have come up with the following:

Horde of 40.
Using vintage GW plastic Dwarfs.

Troop of 5.
Using converted vintage Harlequin Thunderers.

Berserker Brock Riders:
Two troops of 5.
Using the official Mantic figures (because who wouldn't want to use a unit of guys on giant dire badgers??)

Shield Breakers:
Troop of 5
Using GW's mid-era metal Longbeards. You know, the ones with actual long beards they made until the plastic Warriors/Longbeards came out and paradoxically made Longbeard-dom dependent on wearing a mask instead of having a long beard.

Flame Belcher:
Using the old metal Flame Cannon model from GW. The one which is basically a barrel.

Greater Earth Elemental:
Using the Mantic Dreadball Iron Ancestor (a sort of giant Dwarf robot) which I will convert by adding lots of steam generator equipment and arms and weapons, probably from Khador warjacks. It will not exactly be an earth elemental, but it will be a potent masterwork of Dwarven engineering.

Using the old GW Queen Helgar model. So a Queen then.

My cat does his best of ignore my Dwarves.
My WFB Dwarves are painted up in a red and yellow brewery theme. The idea being that each regiment is made up of the regulars of a certain pub or staff of part of the brewery, who band together to defend the main brewery or any of their beer convoys. I've never been that happy with the colour scheme I used, so I've decided that this new KoW detachment will consist of those Dwarves who have lived above ground longer, and have thus discovered... TREES! Or more specifically, apple trees. Yes! Dwarven Cider Drinkers! Thus Ironfoundersenn's Brewery will be re-inforced by the forces of Forgedottir Cider; their new hipster cider making division. This means I will be using different colours for the forces of Sigrid Forgedottir, but more of this later.


  1. I totally declared my intentions already!
    Also, could you add me to your list of "Associates", I feel I need more publicity.
    Good luck!

    1. You are on my list of associates. You have never been removed from my list of associates. You drop off the visible part because it only shows the most recently updated ten blogs.

  2. Hmmm, it wasn't there when I made that post. I hit refresh and everything! All good then.
    I need to paint more now!


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