Saturday, 31 October 2015

Duelling Paintbrushes 5: Work complete.

There are those amongst you who have doubted me. And to those people I say 'bah!' and 'fie!' You are wrong to doubt my endurance speed painting prowess simply because I choose to work at a more leisurely speed and not update so often. And as proof of your foolishness, and your almost certain weedy git status, here are pics of those portions of my duel which were not competed in the last photo. I fear you shall have to wait unto Monday to see it all arrayed together as I am in fair Melbourne Town preparing to go unto PAX and teach speed painting and terrain techniques to the masses, and have not brought with me that which was already complete. These photographs, originating as they do from my powerful mobile telephonic communication engine, lack somewhat for the quality of lighting. Superior photos will be deployed on Monday.

Hark! A Troop of Shield Breakers (those nice old GW metal Long Beards from around 2000, before they fell to the foolishness of having the SAME SIZE BEARD AS A CLANSMAN [grrr!]) I have attempted to suggest crippling nicotine addiction by the tint of their beards.

Helgar Forgedottir and the last parts of her horde to be based. Note the converted standard bearer made from a 5th ed. plastic champiuon torso and 7th ed. plastic legs. Also the rather obscured form of the Dogpedo.

Tremble mortals before the mounted arm of the Khazalid Temperance Society, driven mad by a lack of alcohol.

Lo! Sharpshooters do appear. These are wrought of a mix of GW and Harlequin models with mighty barrels added and shields brought into being from random and varied junk. Also halberd bayonets.

Fear the might of Forgedottir's Hammer! Fear him indeed! (Note that the base is not quite finished, but I was impatient to post - I will finish it post haste after the post is posted)
And there, hippo fans and weedy doubting gits alike, you have it!
What is more, last night while infesting Gregtopia, I started to paint up another troop of riflemen. Thos would get finished today, except that I am volunteering at yonder PAX AUS and have some sort of sinister family gathering to attend after that. Doubt not my powers mortals!
Also look out for some sort of TFH update on Cupday, which I plan to spend as all right thinking men spend cupday, making undead terrain. Oh yes.

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  1. Are the KTS mounted on War Badgers??????????????? I never doubted your ability to speed paint. but I am keen to see the force arrayed for battle. Thanks for hosting again Owen. Have fun at PAX


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