Thursday, 8 October 2015

Pretty Pictures of Burkittheim.

Recently, I was commissioned to build $400 worth of Mordheim terrain for a sinister man from Sydney (ie: Mr. Alex Burkitt of the Infernal Muppets, a group of sinister sydneysiders who throw dice at one another on a regular basis. That or play Warhammer. I'm not sure.) 
And now, for your delectation are the photos I took of Burkittheim before shipping it. I was going to take more, but my camera batteries went flat, and I forgot to take more once I had recharged. In the immortal commodore-rear-window decorating words of Ned Kelly, Such is Life.
(note that I did not resize these before posting, so they are at the original camera file size, which is pretty chunky.)
Ah, beautiful downtown Burkittheim.
Which can be viewed from a range of angles and directions.
Such as this one.
Ruined building No.... er... I think this is No. 4? There were numbers...
The mighty carriage factory of Herr K. G. Benz & Sons. Also possibly known as Ruin No. 4.
The side of Burkitt Bros, dealers in finest reconditioned arms and armour.
And here we see the side of the house of ill repute. Which is most ill-y reputable.
The strange sort of tower-and-grave yard might of Ruin 5. This is definitely ruin 5.
This is ruin 3. I'm almost certain of that. It has an interior. Because such things are good, or so I am told.
Ruin 3 connected to one of the corners with a bridge of great sturdiness. Note also the ladder.
Yet another view of said ruin.
This is the back of Burkitt Bros.
The Burkittheim Guardhouse, featuring it's mighty round towery-thing. Which would be a wonderful place to deploy a warmachine in WFB, or KoW. Let us hope Herr Burkitt resists the urge to use it thus.
Another view of said guard house, which features EVERY kind of stone technique I use.... apart from one.
But it does have a multi-level interior to make up for missing out on one stone technique.
Ah, Burkitt Bros, you return to end the article. huzzah!
I can now also reveal what ACTUALLY happened to Mordheim. It was not struck by a twin-tailed comet. It was struck by a single tailed giant mutant space cat with warpstone eyes.
Well, there you are, about a month's worth of Mordheiming it up like a mad mad. I'll be posting the TFH Annual Compometition results on the weekend, so keep and eye out for those too.

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